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The real-time analysis and status updates of reviews can be accessed on various platforms such as Google or Yelp. Moreover, Reviewler diligently performs non-stop data analysis, even during periods of customer inactivity.

  • Instant notification of negative comments
  • Notification of below satisfaction ratings
  • Provide dashboard of review analysis
  • Automatic classification of positive/negative/neutral ratings
데이터분석현황 데이터 실시간 모니터링

An in-depth analysis designed to meet the specific needs of the business.

Once the specific customers have been identified based on the business's characteristics, an exhaustive analysis of customer data can be performed by meticulously gathering information from the community where the specific target resides.

  • Service provides insights on website trends and reputation
  • Service involves analyzing social media trends and patterns
  • Provides of the latest Google/Yelp review in real time
타겟 현황 오른쪽 화살표 현황 추이 정보 제공받음

Focused statistical analyses leading to optimal business management

Our review managers provide complimentary one-on-one consultations to assist customers in acquiring more positive reviews. They offer guidance on how to improve the review acquisition process.

  • We provide a personal review manager dedicated to each client
  • Make recommendations to boost your revenue by improving your online reviews
  • Flexible meeting times with our review managers
유형분석 그레프 통계자료 분석하는 이미지

Real-time notification of negative comments

Negative comments collected in all analysis are notified immediately

  • Real-time notification of negative comments
  • Notification of specific keywords that can be customized
알람 이력 전체보기 창 알림창 알림

Quotes from notable companies


“Using sites such as Yelp or Google can also expand your audience. Many reviews are uploaded and read each day on these platforms. If your business is being mentioned positively, your store will likely receive more attention.”

HuffPost blog:

A new Harvard Business School study by Michael Luca, which set out to ascertain whether "online consumer reviews affect restaurant demand," determined that a restaurant that boosts its Yelp score by one full star can see revenues increase 5 to 9 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any features that are inconvenient or need improvement when using Reviewler?

Reviewler is an advanced real-time big data solution designed to facilitate effective customer and corporate reputation management

Our service enables companies to promptly detect and address negative issues as soon as they arise, providing a comprehensive solution to reputation management

We monitor various online platforms, including Naver and Daum portal sites, internet communities, and personal social media networks, to ensure that no comment goes unnoticed.

Our clients can obtain detailed insights into not only the status of negative posts but also positive, neutral, and irrelevant posts through Reviewler.

Our monitoring services are available 24/7 in real-time, ensuring that our clients' online reputation is continually monitored for any potential issues.

With Reviewler, there is no need for companies to monitor their online presence separately. We comprehensively monitor and analyze all posts without fail, even during off-hours or holidays. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that every comment and post is analyzed, from after work to dawn and before work.

Whether or not our clients are concerned about monitoring, we proactively analyze all articles that mention their company, whether they are negative, positive, neutral, or irrelevant, and provide comprehensive insights to our clients

We offer comprehensive analysis and reporting of not only negative and issue-related posts but also positive and neutral reviews, as well as posts that are unrelated to reputation.

Our automated reputation check function collects all articles mentioning the brand and generates statistical data, which we provide to our clients for in-depth analysis.

Positive reviews are used to highlight the brand's strengths, while negative reviews are utilized to identify and address areas for improvement

Reviewler offers customizable options for keyword and channel extraction based on specific needs.

For companies utilizing the 'Brand 300' model, the subscription service provides basic corporate brand monitoring on popular portals. However, for companies with multiple product groups or requiring monitoring across various channels, the 'Brand Plus' model allows for unlimited keyword and channel settings.

Additionally, our 'Brand Lite' model is suitable for small-scale businesses that require monitoring for a limited number of brands. Our brand data consulting team supports the setup of keywords and channels optimized for business size and purpose at a reasonable rate. We encourage you to try Reviewler for your reputation management needs.


Reviewler. is a renowned entity specializing in the development of cutting-edge big data processing and analysis technology.
Our team comprises of highly-skilled professionals with an academic background in AI and deep learning, who are continuously working towards achieving excellence in the field of Korean natural language processing and machine learning technology.
Our focus on efficient data processing and analysis, coupled with our expertise in big data collection, has enabled us to provide exceptional support to various corporate entities in the areas of brand management, product VOC collection, and marketing strategy establishment.
Our dedication to innovation and years of research and development has established us as a trusted partner for businesses looking to capitalize on the power of big data
생활용품 / 최우수 판매자

Extensive experience in both big data processing and management technology, as well as data processing application development

brother 총판

Ensuring the retention of a highly-skilled professional development and operational workforce is paramount to the success of any organization

수집용품 / 최우수 판매자

With a diverse range of business experiences and honed skill sets, We am eager to embrace novel challenges and opportunities for professional growth.

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